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Find Your Facebook Notes

Can’t find your Facebook Notes? Facebook officially deprecated the Notes feature in late 2020, but left legacy Notes content in user feeds. This means you can’t create new FB Notes, edit them, or even find them easily, but don’t despair. At least for now, there appears to be a complex but effective way to find all your Facebook Notes.

However, there is no way to know how long this workaround will remain in place. I would strongly suggest you download all your Notes and save them somewhere else, if they are things you want to hold onto.

Find Your Facebook Notes

Because Facebook has preserved Notes as content in your feed, and not changed their content type, notes all remain in their system under the following URL:[note-id]/

However, unless you know your note’s ID, a long number, this isn’t very helpful. So, let’s find your Facebook notes. Keep in mind that these instructions are for the desktop, and might not be exactly the same on your mobile device.

Shortcut: If you don’t want to go through all the steps, I think you can just enter the following URL, scroll down, and then skip to Step 5:

But here are all the steps if that doesn’t work:

Step 1: Go to Setting & Privacy under your “Account” Menu

This will take your General Account Settings page. You can also go directly to this page by URL:

However you get there, it should look something like this:

Step 2: Click on “Your Facebook Information” (Left Column)

This link is highlighted in the image above, and should take you to the Your Facebook Information Page.

Which looks like this:

Step 3: Click on “View” by “Access Your Information”

This link is highlighted above, and should take you to the Access Your Information page at this URL:

And you should see something like this:

Step 4: Click on “Your Activity Across Facebook”

This is highlighted above, and should take you to the Your Activity Across Facebook Page, as shown below, at this URL:

But you’ll have to scroll down to see the Notes link:

Step 5: Click on “Notes”

This is highlighted above, and should take you to your Activity Log with notes selected via a weird URL:[your-user-name]/allactivity?category_key=notecluster&privacy_source=access_hub&entry_point=ayi_hub

Which is useless. Anyway, you should see a list of your notes in the left column:

Step 6: Click on the Note you Want to See

I had only one to show, and it came up like this:

Or, at least, it should have. For some reason, Notes don’t seem to load right away and you often get this error message:

So, just click on “Reload Page” until it…reloads.

Step 7: Download Facebook Notes You Want to Keep

Again, there’s no way to know how long this workaround will last, so download all notes you want to keep.

Hope that helps!



  1. 2/2/2022 – Facebook have moved Notes again… how can I find them please?

  2. katerina

    Good day! I go to this link and only see all the posts, but notes((

  3. nuebe

    this URL here definitely helped me find my notes. I just found out today that the note sections has been deprecated. Thank you for this helpful information.

    • Joshua

      How did you access them? I see some odd things in regards to that. It does not seem to show every note, and it only seems to show privacy settings, but not the actual notes. For me, almost every note accessed in memories appears to have been edited suspiciously. I want to see if I can access them and see if I can access the full notes from settings like you had described. In the memories, they look like I usually open them and only the titles remain.

    • V. Cronau

      Thank you so much. This worked. I was so scared that I had lost all of my holiday details, poetry and other writings.

    • AnnyB

      You are a lifesaver!! The instructions in the post didn’t help me but this link did!! Thank you!!

    • John Wesley Dickson

      God bless you!!! Or whatever bless you! Everything bless you! I don’t know how you found it, but you helped me uncover some old gems that I thought were lost, and one of them has me in tears right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Liz

      The link in the comments is what helped recover the poem about my Fiancés dad that passed away. Thank you so much ❤

    • JohnKim

      This surely works. Much appreciated. I retrieved mine.

    • K

      Thanks for this link. This worked for me.

    • Gorro

      This linked worked for me in 2023!!

  4. HM

    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    The link on step 5 really helped me to find my notes.

  5. Julee Ellison

    I used the ink and got to my notes, but they only go back to 2013 …. but nothing newer than that. I had so many recipes I had put in there. 😦

  6. Prov94

    Thank you very much for the details and the instruction to find the notes, I wrote some quotes of my self in 2012 and didnt needed to store it somewhere, I totally missed that Facebook removed the notes function and was happy to recover it.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Blah

    Is there a way to edit old facebook notes

  8. Ben-Zion Caspi

    It works for me, but notes prior to 2009 do not show. ?????

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