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Coronavirus Humor Diary III – May

Juan Pablo Solo Sadness

Juan Pablo Solo Sadness

The almost anthropological collection of Coronavirus Humor for your pleasure, distraction and edification. Like the last Coronavirus Humor Diary (April), there is nothing useful or meaningful here, but that doesn’t make it important. Laughing is important, and more fun than screaming. If you see any great memes / jokes / insights / art / video, whatever, please feel free to share in the comments. Thanks and…enjoy.

May 31 / I’m Outta Here!

We seem to have gotten less funny and more frustrated as time goes on, and recent events in the USA have chained our focus to very serious things. So, here endeth the humor.

May 30 / Coronavirus Lessons from Sci-Fi

Well, this isn’t ominous at all.

May 23 / Rocky & 2020 So Far

A bit brutal, but yeah, it’s been a year…in a few months.

May 22 / Nancy & Tanya are 2020 Personified

Summer plans? What summer plans?

Harding Kerrigan 2020

Harding Kerrigan 2020

May 21 / The Cat Objects to Quarantine

Okay, people, it’s May and you’re letting down your humor game. So, here’s  a cat meme. Sigh. And yes, it says “Text” on her b/c…double sigh…

The Cat Objects

The Cat Objects

May 20 / Just Don’t Say Balls Again

Look, if you’re going to touch some balls, touch your own balls, not someone else’s balls. If you can’t tell whose balls they are, put your name on them.

May 19 / Randy Rainbow Fiddles with Trump

Randy uncovers the horrors of Obamagate. Kinda. Or not.


May 18 / Hmm


May 17 / Jon Oliver Coronavirus VII: Sports

Less funny than heart-wrenching, at least it’s delivered with a wry sense of humor…

May 16 / Dogs Support Reopening?

Seems like it’s all working out.

States Reopening Dog Bite

States Reopening Dog Bite

May 15 / ???

Boring, boring days full of boredom.

May 14 / Ze Frank and Da Batfish!

Because Ze Frank is freaking awesome. That’s all I got. Get ready to get benthic.

May 13 / Teachers Win Coronavirus Walkout

Well done, teachers. Well done.

Teacher Win the Coronavirus Walkout

Teacher Win the Coronavirus Walkout

May 12 / June Has Spiders and Nuclear Disaster?

If this were 2019, we’d get Spider Man, but 2020 means Spiderzilla. Start hoarding bug spray and flamethrowers–or hire that squirrel.

I Found June

I Found June

May 12 / Mona Lisa Spiral of Despair

Things get real in the studio.

Mona Lisa Coronavirus Evolution

Mona Lisa Coronavirus Evolution

May 11 / Mona Lisa Mo’Naturale

Scared to leave the house due to murder hornets, killer COVID and dudes with A16s, Mona Lisa relaxes her hair care regimen.

Mona Lisa Roots

Mona Lisa Roots

May 10 / Squirrels Over It

Murder hornets this. Murder hornets that. I’ll show you how we deal with murder hornets. Say hello to my little friend!

May 9 / Murder Hornets Reign of Terroir

Okay, maybe murder hornets have jumped the shark if we’re getting into regional naming rights. It’s not champagne, it’s sparkling terror wine!

Murder Hornets Terroir

Murder Hornets Terroir

May 8 / Murder Hornets Just Too Much

I think we can all agree that the 2020 movie is already overloaded with sub-plots and underdeveloped evil characters. Murder hornets? A plague too far.

Coronavirus Hornet Sub plot

Coronavirus Hornet Sub plot

May 7 / SPARTA!!!

Come on, it’s funny. Please don’t shoot me hundreds of times.

Covid Protester Meme

Covid Protester Meme

May 6 / Bees Hoarding Toilet Paper

Because a plague of damn murder hornets are coming. On a side note, do bees poop? Asking for a friend.

Bee TP Hoaring

Bee TP Hoarding

May 5 / May the 4th and Cinco de Mayo Sadness

I think we can all agree that the coronavirus has jacked with our social lives. Juan Pablo knows it, so Juan solo knows it. Sad.

Juan Pablo Solo Sadness

Juan Pablo Solo Sadness

May 4 / Murder Hornets

Like Godzilla, they come from Japan and they’re enormous! Unlike Godzilla, they’re freaking real. Like an airborne coronavirus with a nasty sharp sting. Check out this idiot, er, courageous fellow testing how painful it is:

If you want a great and literal illustration of how Japanese bees defend themselves from the murder hornets, check out the Oatmeal:

Hornets Oatmeal

Japanese Hornets | Oatmeal

May 3 / Jon Oliver Coronavirus VI

Yeah, baby, bring the angst.


May 2 / Holy Bleach Last Supper

Enjoy this, the holy bleach of entitlement. Or something. Seriously, don’t drink bleach.

Last Bleach Supper

Last Bleach Supper

May 1 / Gratuitous Ze Frank Video

As I’ve said before, I’ll promote anything he puts out. Anything. And killer surfing snails? Come on!

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