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The Corona Karmavirus (KarmaVID-19)

Corona Karmavirus Rand Paul

Corona Karmavirus Rand Paul

What’s the Corona Karmavirus? It’s when someone who (a) thought the corona virus was a hoax (b) exposed others to the virus unnecessarily (c) undermined coronavirus prevention policies or (d) is just an asshat…gets the coronavirus. It’s like a Schadenfreude and cosmic justice karmaducken.

The Corona Karmavirus
Because the coronavirus is not a hoax
And you’re a complete douche

Who gets the Corona Karmavirus?

Let’s start with US Senator Rand Paul, who acted like the coronavirus was made up by socialist libtards until he go it himself.

Corona Karmavirus Rand Paul

Corona Karmavirus Rand Paul

Next of course comes Harvey Weinstein, rapist in chief, who deserves pretty much every virus you can think of. I’d feel sorry for him, but mostly I feel sorry for the guards who are now endangered by his existence.

Karma Coronavirus Harvey Weinstein

Karma Coronavirus Harvey Weinstein

Don’t worry, there’s more to come. That’s how karma works.

A Conciliatory Note

I’m normally loathe to make fun of people’s misfortune, but sometimes it’s nice to see that not only the little people suffer when giant douchebags make terrible decisions…


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