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The Ze Frank Coronavirus Challenge

Ze Frank Courtesy of Somebody

Ze Frank Courtesy of Somebody

Ze Frank is a guy who produces amazing and hysterical nature videos such as the True Facts series. I’m sure he does other stuff, but who cares. The point is, there’s a lot of great video, it has nothing to do with the freaking coronavirus, and everyone in the world except small children should watch every video. So, here’s the Ze Frank Coronavirus Challenge to have some fun and hopefully actually socialize online versus just freaking out.

Challenge ended early April due to lack of participation. Sad!

Ze Frank Coronavirus Challenge “Rules”

There are no rules. This is for fun, but there are guidelines:

  1. I’ll post one and only one Ze Frank video here each day and then share on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. You  (hopefully) watch that video and only that video that day, have a little fun, and discuss your favorite bits here or on the social media site of your choice.
  3. You (hopefully) share this so we can have a fun conversation that is not related to the end of days or toilet paper. No politics.
  4. Repeat the next day. Before you know it, the outbreak will be over and we’ll all be in a better mood.

No, Ze Frank is not paying me. I just love this stuff. Oh, there is some swearing and sexy sexy talk in these videos (animals mate, it turns out), so…be encouraged or discouraged as you will.

Today’s Ze Frank Video (March 25)

Scary time? Scary fish! That’s some stay-at-home face right there. Come for the dangly temptation, stay for the teeth.

Be sure to tell us what you thought of this video online, or below. Or just sit in silence and smile. Whatever.

Past Ze Frank Videos

Watch as you will, and check out some of the highlights beneath each video.

Mar 24 / True Facts about the Duck

Get your exploding brain ready for some serious sex talk. This is kinky stuff right here. It will blow. Your. Mind. So much so that I wrote about it a long time ago.

Mar 23 / WTF?


Mar 22 / True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp

A huge video about a tiny creature. Ze Frank tells it like it is or should be in True Facts about the Mantis Shrimp.

Mar 21 / True Facts about Marsupials

True Facts about Marsupials. They’ve been burned out, rained on, and generally treated like crap. Join us on a journey into their special, weird, messed up world.

Favorite quotes:

  • “It looks like a dog penis that’s trying to escape.”

There’s so much more. Just watch it. Or your brain will smooth out like a Koala’s and you’ll end up feeding your baby out of your butt.

Mar 20 / True Facts about Ostrich Mating

Lockdown, baby! Time for some ostrich mating facts, not farts, not just regular facts, but mating facts!

  • It’s funny. It’s musical.
  • “You know you’re the only male around here, so…”

May 19 / True Facts about Morgan Freeman

An oldy but a goody about an old goody, True Facts about Morgan Freeman. Is he the reason the sun rises? He just might be…

  • Most popular quote: “if you’re having a rough day think about Morgan freeman, because he’s certainly thinking about you.”

March 18 / Sad Cat Diary

We all enjoyed the melancholy contemplations of the Sad Cat Diary.

Some of the favorite quotes:

  • “I will sing a song of my people.”
  • “Like Sisyphus, I am bound to hell.”
  • “I have vomited three times in protest, but so far there seems to be no sign of change…”

That is some sad cat stuff right there.

Mar  17 / True Facts about the Nudibranch!

What is it? Why is it? What do it do? What did we learn?

Things we learned from this video:

  • Never french kiss a nudibranch. They have teeth on their tongue.
  • A nudibranch is, “Like a colorblind machinist in a skittles factory” with tiny eyes that make it incapable of appreciating it’s own beauty.
  • “This is the first yoga pose they teach you when you arrive in hell.” Hard to explain.

Thanks for playing!

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