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Coronavirus Humor Diary

Flatten That Curve Guy Meme

Flatten That Curve Guy Meme

It’s not like the coronavirus is funny, but sometimes you can get useful information and a laugh at the same time. Or at least a half-laugh and a groan. Whatever works. This page is not meant to be overly useful, but hopefully it can distract you a bit from the madness for a few minutes.

Apr 1+

Check out Coronavirus Humor Diary II.

Mar 31 / Samuel L. Jackson Says Stay the Fuck at Home

Because who else could lend as much joy to profanity as this man.

Mar 30 / Stay the Fuck at Home Song

Because it’s a good idea, and it’s funny as hell.

Mar 29 / John Oliver Coronavirus III

Because it’s amazing even without a live audience.

Mar 28 / Social Distancing Scoreboard

Check it out.

 Mar 27 / Dating while Quarantined

Some great pickup lines for your next romantic COVID-19 encounter:

CV Pickup Lines

CV Pickup Lines

Mar 27 / Baby Duct Taped to Wall

It’s not a new idea, and makes changing difficult, but why not?

Baby Duct Tape

Baby Duct Tape

Mar 26 / Before & After Quarantine

Maybe they should have been ordered to shelter outdoors? Then nobody would be there.

Before & After Quarantine

Before & After Quarantine

Mar 25 / Cat Face? Man Cat Makeup?

Whatever’s going on here, it isn’t healthy for anyone.

Cat Makeup Face Quarantine

Cat Makeup Face Quarantine

Mar 24 / How to Have Sex During the Quarantine

Mar 24 / Dead Fly Action

This fly does more after life than most of us do all life long.

Day 5 of Quarantine Dead Fly

Day 5 of Quarantine Dead Fly

Mar 24 / Social Distancing Vader

Why is Vader so small?  No matter, at least he’s socially responsible.

Social Distancing Vader Choke Hold

Social Distancing Vader Choke Hold

Mar 23 / The Corona

Because sometimes payback really is a lethal global pandemic, you intolerable, uncaring, arrogant douche. Welcome to the corona karmavirus.

Corona Karmavirus Rand Paul

Corona Karmavirus Rand Paul

Mar 23 / Gather No More

Save yourself from coronavirus. Save some trees while you’re at it. Take it down, Karen!

Take It Down, Karen

Take It Down, Karen

Mar 22 / Back the Fuck Up, Piglet

You know, because social distancing. While hiking. So they don’t shut down all the parks and declare martial law.

Back the Fuck Up, Piglet

Back the Fuck Up, Piglet

Mar 22 / Randy Rainbow Social Distancing?

Sing it, Randy!


Mar 22 / Poor Jennifer (Removed)

Because we’ve all made mistakes with videoconferencing technology. Make sure you’re videoconferencing system is not working in the bathroom. This will inevitably be taken down. In fact, I’m taking it down. I don’t know what douchebag colleague of Jennifer posted this, but she’s a jerk.

Mar 21  / Corona Handwashing Dilemma

Wash your hands! And your sink. And your face. And wash your hands again…

Mar 20 / 2020 Canceled by Ozzie Man Reviews

More famous for loud videos than loud letters, Ozzie Man Reviews cancels the year so we can get straight past the virus and onto 2021.

2020 Canceled by Ozzie Man Reviews

If instead they refuse to cancel 2020 and you want to take this biatch head on, here’s some attitude enforcement for your inner honey badger:

Mar 19 / Vulture Publishes a Fun List

Go for the memes, enjoy the tweets.

Mar 19 / The Child Had to Go

The other white meat?

Quarantine Day 2: Eat Child

Quarantine Day 2: Eat Child

Mar 18 / How to be Socially Distance by The Oatmeal

Another fine example of semi-sadistic sarcasm and social commentary from The Oatmeal, high sardonicist and exploder of kittens.

How to be Socially Distant by Oatmeal

How to be Socially Distant by Oatmeal

Mar 18 / My Corona by Chris Mann

Good parody for a good cause…

Mar 18 / Wurst Kase Scenario

Not a new joke, but nicely updated for today:

Wurst Kase Scenario

Wurst Kase Scenario

Mar 18 / New Words for New Times?

So…yeah, too much caffeine too late in the day.

Mar 17 / Borg Cancels Invasion

Borg Cancels Invasion due to Coronavirus

Borg Cancels Invasion due to Coronavirus

 Mar 17 / When Social Isolation is Just…Life

Thanks to my friend J. for this. I’m not saying she was lookin’ at me when she posted, but she might have been.

Life is Quarantine Already

Life is Quarantine Already

Mar 17 / The Ze Frank Coronavirus Challenge

Yes, I found a way to link Ze Frank to the virus and make a game of it. Yes, it’s silly. You should still totally do it.

Mar 16 / Coronavirus Jokes on Bored Panda

Some entertainment to be had here. Stealing this one just because a friend will appreciate it:

Jason Momoa Handwashing

Jason Momoa Handwashing

Mar 16 / Mel Brooks Son on Social Distancing

It’s not that funny, but it’s  a good message well delivered. Stay and practice social distancing!

Mar 15 / The Needs of the Many

Great throwback to Star Trek of yore. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,” so no handshaking for you!

Needs of the Many Meme

Needs of the Many Meme

Mar 15 / Coronavirus II: LWT with John Oliver

Second John Oliver monologue on coronavirus, this time in a stark white backup studio.

Mar 15 / It’s Corona Time TikTok

And why shouldn’t a hamster tell us how to be safe and protect ourselves from coronavirus?

Mar 14 / Ze Frank on the Nudibranchs

Not a damn thing to do with coronavirus, but I’ll pretty much put Ze Frank anywhere, like Sriracha but funnier and probably trademarked.

Mar 14 / Randy Rainbow Coronavirus Lament

It’s not that informative, but it’s funny. And musical.

Mar 14 / Coronavirus Etude Performance

Probably helps if you can read music, but I’m told it’s funny :).

Mar 13 / How to Touch Your Face Less by The Oatmeal

Another great comic from The Oatmeal on a serious topic; touching your face less during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Don't Touch Your Face Oatmeal

Don’t Touch Your Face Oatmeal

Mar 13 / Honest Government Ad

All about the shitshow and egregious dumbfuckery. That’s a quote.

Mar 13? / Flatten That Curve / Guy Looking Back Meme

No explanation needed. Thanks to D. Cantu on Facebook. Not sure of origin.

Flatten That Curve Guy Meme

Flatten That Curve Guy Meme

Mar 13 / Trump Invents a Google Website

According to Wired, “Google’s not making a nationwide coronavirus testing website. And the company had no idea the president would say it was.” I don’t know if this is funny or tragic. How could he possibly think Google wouldn’t notice…or respond?

Mar 12 / Costco Toilet Paper Rush & Recall Myth


Mar 11 / JP II: “It’s Deadlier Than you Thought”

Here’s the latest BREAKING NEWS update on the Coronavirus. It’s definitely gonna kill you. The only way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to buy a casket now. Stay tuned for all the latest sensationalized updates about the Corona Virus.

I rarely feel that JP has gone in the wrong direction, but in this case he’s walking right on that line. But it’s a funny line, so…enjoy?

Mar 11 / Dog Cones Man

Not sure where this came from, but making the rounds on Facebook.

Man in Dog Cone Source Unknown

Man Dog Cone Source Unknown

Mar 9 / Viruses Don’t Watch Fox news by Betty Bowers

It’s not one of her best, but she makes a good point…

Mar 7 / Panic Room Complete

I just wonder who had all this time and TP, or time and PhotoShop. Or access to a really weird survival shelter.

Panic Room TP - Unclear Origin

Panic Room TP Courtesy of ?

Mar 1 / Coronavirus: LWT with John Oliver

John Oliver goes off on coronavirus handling by the Trump administration and offers tiny werewolf related immune defense solution.

Feb 11 / Everything is Stupid…and Racist

Ronny Chieng breaks down the misinformation and racism surrounding the coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China.

Feb 6 / JP on Coronavirus Panic

A little cringe worthy at times, but still funny and on point. It’s funny how this video might be different if made a month later…

Other Stuff?

If you happen to find other nominally humorous but also informative things out there, let me know. I could use the laugh.

Want more? Check Coronavirus Humor Diary II.


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