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Delete ALL Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos Logo

Amazon Photos Logo

You’d think it would be simple to delete all Amazon photos (delete all photos from your Amazon Photos account), but you’d be wrong. If you search online, you’ll find several questions on the Amazon forum and elsewhere asking how to do this, all of which result in incorrect, out-of-date or simply misleading answers. So, here’s how you do it:

How you delete ALL photos from Amazon Photos?

Drum Roll…

You can’t.

As shown here during a customer support chat with Amazon, there is simply no way to do it on your own:

Delete All Amazon Photos

You Can’t Delete All Amazon Photos

So, you have to contact Amazon customer support to have them do it for you. According to this chat thread, they need to issue a trouble ticket, then you wait 5-7 days, then something happens. We’ll see.

Here’s how you do it in desktop view:

  1. Login to your Amazon Photos account;
  2. Click on Help under your account options menu (under your name on top right of page);
  3. Click on Contact Us link on the bottom of the left sidebar;
  4. Click on “Start Chatting Now“;
  5. Make it very, very clear that you want to delete ALL photos. Otherwise, they’ll just tell you how to delete a photo or album. It’s also possible that the first person you chat with will have no idea what you’re talking about and will have to transfer you to someone who does;
  6. Get them to issue you a trouble ticket;
  7. Wait 5-7 days; and
  8. Cross fingers?

If you want to delete just one photo or an album, that’s pretty easy via the interface. For all photos, this is the only process I could find. Everything else online is nonsense. Strangely, all my photos were deleted within thirty minutes of the ticket being issued. Well, maybe not strangely, but surprisingly. So, it worked out. Just a pain…hope this helps.


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