Various Hikes & Whining – Q1 2020

The usual notes on random hikes and runs. Nothing to see here!

Various – Feb 23-25, 2020

Another partial on Black Star, two partials on Maple Springs, mostly walking and thinking. Hard not to be able to run, but damn it’s hot. Eight in February is just wrong. Wrong!

Black Star Amble – Feb 22, 2020

Not allowed to run since surgery, so did a bit of walk. Met one runner from OC Craft Beer pub running group or something, some other guys from Long Beach Experience (?) running group. Following both on FB. Would have been a great day for running with nice cool weather and rain.

Mt. Woodson from Upper Lot (7M+, 1:43H) – Feb 19, 2020

Super weird week. Was wiped after Mondays’ run for some reason, spent Tuesday like a zombie, then ran up Woodson so I’d get some exercise before surgery. Managed to run all of the bottom hills, but felt bonky by top and crested at like 59:50, so basically 1 hour (same as last time) despite running portion. Silly. Just had nothing left on the way down (wanted to lie down and take a nap) so slow jog-walked and got down by 1:43, only 2-3 min slower than last time. These splits make no sense, but at least I got to eat Pizza Port for lunch. Then car battery died, somehow got it started, did the surgery (well, it was done to me), then came out and battery was dead again. Waited 1.5 hours for AAA, then they didn’t have a batter, so drove around Encinitas following driver to find other driver who had battery, then drove back to Orange County. Long silly day. I was grumpy at the and, but still glad I did the morning run…

Santiago Truck Trail to 4M Crest (8M, 1:37) – Feb 17, 2020

Weirdly warm (70+) February day, but still a pleasant run after a weekend of all eaty no sleepy. Bit tired on the return and stomach didn’t like the goo, which was odd, but probably more to do with what I ate at the writing conference in San Diego. Fun day, and another run where my legs were tired before I got bonky or out of breath, which is a nice change. Some mountain-bikers, mostly polite. No other runners. Not sure I get the splits on these runs; seems to take proportionately too long to get back, so maybe there’s more uphill than I realize. To the app!

Maple Springs Trail to Bedford Peak (7.5M, 1:41H) – Feb 12, 2020

After a weekend of crappy skiing but good friends, and some terrible gym workouts (muscles, what muscles?), my mood needed a run. Nice day up to peak in 1:02 (PB), down in 1:41 (PB), running all the way in both directions. No real body pains, but definitely a bit tired by end. Gotten to point where on this run my legs / fatigue are limiter vs. bonk or aerobic fitness, which is nice. As usual, time eerily close to Woodson from Upper Lot, but overall exertion perceived as less despite longer distance and climb. Odd.

Black Star to Beeks (16M+, 3:23H) – Feb 6, 2020

After an utter failure of a night trying to sleep, followed by groggy and pathetic writing session, I bailed for the lush and verdant foothills of Orange County. Thought I’d try for the full climb to the peak, but bagged it at the Beeks radio tower (1:54) and dragged my carcass back (3:23). Surprised by how tired I was on the way down (not bonky, but achy-breaky-sluggy). Given that I lost nearly seven pounds in water weight, I’d guess I needed more water. Stupid body, needing things. Then got hungry at paid $11 for a grilled cheese sandwich. Never making that bad decision again. Still, feel better than this morning. Victory!

Iron Mountain via Ellie Lane (8M+) – Feb 2, 2020

Mosey with Juli. Nice sunset and fun conversation. Probably shouldn’t wear sunglasses after sunset.

Mt. Woodson from Upper Lot (7M+, 1:40H) – Feb 2, 2020

Fast hike up (1:00 not PB to top), run down with Kam. Close but not better than PB. Runner dude passed us like we were standing still. More athletic in the 20 seconds I saw him than anything in my life. Damn. Nice day.

Maple Springs Trail to Bedford Peak (7.5M, 1:45H) – Feb 1, 2020

Jog up, run down. 1:05 (PB) to top, 1:45 RT. Saw snake. Attacked my loud stingy bug and stung / bitten behind right ear. Stabbed by yucca stalk. Nearly face-planted. Hot as hell at bottom (85?). Good run.

Santiago Truck Trail to 4M Crest (8M, 1:40) – Jan 29, 2020

Surprisingly pleasant, no-bonk run to the usual turn-around (0:54). One of those odd days when everything works and running is fun again. No other runners around noon, but a few mountain bikers. No water, one goo.

Black Star to Beeks Place (16.5m, 3:45) – Jan 25, 2020

So, this was a weird study in entropy. I started off dead tired and poorly motivated, legs full of lead and head full of mud, but slowly got into a sort of staggering rhythm. Made the crest in 1:04, just four min or so off pace, and to the radio tower above Beeks Place in two hours exactly. Not exactly speedy (took about the same time to get to the Modjeska junction last Saturday on Harding, and that had 2k more elevation gain), but I made it. Then, I started jogging down and about 2:30 my legs turned to anchors I was dragging through quicksand. Didn’t feel bonked so much as beat, so either I wasn’t recovered still from the earlier week (possible) or I was just a bit over-worked generally (possible) or both.  Anyhoo, walk-jog-sweat back to car was at least injury free. Meh.

Maple Springs Partial – Jan 23, 2020

Oof. No energy. Rest of day no energy. So, no energy..zzz…

Black Star to Crest (9.5m, 1:47) – Jan 21, 2020

Ran most of the way up, some of the way down. Felt okay, but hip / back definitely need work. Time to crest exactly one hour, which I think is 1 min above PB. Overall, pretty good.

Harding Truck Trail with Kam (21.5m, 5:01) – Jan 18, 2020

First long run I’ve done in a long time. Ran about 8 miles in each direction, so 16 mile run plus 5.5 mile hike. Kam kicked my ass in both directions. Now I need yoga. A lot of yoga.

Maple Springs Trail (5m+) – Jan 14, 2020

No motivation. Sat for a while on a rock and checked out the view. It was a nice rock.

Black Star Jog? (6m+) – Jan 13, 2020

Don’t really remember. Suspect I was a bit tired.

Skyline with Huy and Kam (8.5m, 5:12) – Jan 11, 2020

Gained some weight recently, so this is my FKT – Fattest Known Time on Skyline ;). Good time with friends. Made it up in 5:12 despite sluggishness and snow from Flat Rock up. Kam set her PB at 5:10 (Nice!), Huy his worst time at 5:20 or so (ha ha). Didn’t really feel tired except for legs at top, but was sucking wind a lot of the way. Altitude? Not sure. Without snow we would’ve been under five, which is still pretty slow for me and very slow for Huy. For some reason, I only drank 1.5-1.75 liters of water, far less than normal (which is closer to 2.5-3 liters). Never really felt thirsty, but maybe that was part of the sucking wind thing. Not sure. Food-wise, had 3x Luna coconut bars, some crackers and 2x Cliff Gus (1 with Caffeine), some Perpetuem in the water and one salt pill. Say, 1,100 calories, or roughly 275 calories per hour for the last four hours. A bit low, but didn’t really feel bonky until right at end. Should eat and drink more. Stomach was fine. This put total miles for week at 51.2 (almost all hiking), which is pretty good considering just getting back from and still fighting injuries.

Black Star Partial (6.6 Miles) – Jan 9, 2020

Had high hopes after Tuesday on Harding, but tired legs slowed things way down. Less pain, though, so still glad I got out there.

Harding Truck Trail (19 Miles) – Jan 7, 2020

Started with low expectations given hip pain and general lethargy, but oddly turned out to be a great day. Mostly hiked, but managed to run 6-7 miles, hip pain minimal, clearly really a lower back problem. Energy fine. Finished feeling pretty good. Freakin’ weird. Honestly, could have pushed a lot harder. No bonk, nothing. Now, to eat things!

Maple Springs Rim (17.1 Miles) – Jan 5, 2020

Hiked up Maple Springs Trail to Bedford, then along North Main Divide Road to base of Modjesksa, and down Maple Springs Road. Worth doing once. Would be good training route while running, though I’d probably go the other way (the road down is deadly boring). Hip still tight, but a little better.

Maple Springs Trail to Side Peak (6m?) – Jan 4, 2020

Walk to see how hip / butt was feeling. Enjoyable, but still super tight on right side. Maybe 6 miles. Took a right on the trail under the power lines. Not a maintained trail, but enjoyable views.

Black Star Amble (6m?) – Jan 2, 2020

I was able to run 8 miles of this (to crest) on Dec 30 of prior year (3 days earlier), but had real pain in butt and hip and no energy. Achilles oddly fine, but damn I have jacked myself up somehow. Pain is now chronic and substantial. Was able to work through it and do some Fartleks on way down, but it’s ugly. Grr.

Maple Springs Trail to Bedford Peak (7.5M, 2H) – Jan 1, 2020

Walk up, jog down to be careful on ankle and some weird hip pain action. 1:11 up, rest and whatnot, 1:59 RT. Given similarity to Woodson in San Diego, should be able to do this in 1:30-1:40 once I can run again. Aerobically and energy-wise, I felt fine. Happy New Year!


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