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Holy Fire Resources – Aug 2018

Courtesy of Twitter #HolyFire

This is not meant to replace any official resources for the Holy Fire, and is only temporarily useful. The intent is to consolidate Holy Fire in Orange / Riverside Counties resources I’ve found on the web… which for some reason are a bit hard to find or not that useful / updated. Best wishes to everyone impacted!

Last updated 8/13 – 8:24 am. The fire is now majority contained, so this page will not be maintained or updated going forward.

Most Important Stuff (Consolidated)

Just a few things that are most updated or most important:

Evacuation / Emergency Phone Numbers

  • (714) 628-7085 (OC Emergency)
  • (951) 736-1811

Quick Twitter Updates

Holy Fire Emergency Alerts

There are several such systems. Not sure which ones are official for the fire yet, so still looking.

Holy Fire Official Sites

One general comment: ALL of the online maps for this fire seem to be updated very, very slowly and don’t accurately portray current conditions. CALL for information if you have questions.

Holy Fire Evacuation Information

USEFUL: See the Cleveland NF Twitter feed, below . They seem to be using the OC Emergency hotline for fire information as of 8/8: (714) 628-7085. Earlier, informational #s were given (8/7) as (714) 573-6200 and (714) 573-6202, but the 7085 number now seem to be preferred.

From CalFire 8/8: “Please do not call fire stations for information on the #HolyFire. A live call center is staffed with the most current fire and evacuation information: 714-573-6200 or 714-573-6202, or the USFS Inciweb” However, it appears the 7085 number is now preferred.

Another number (951) 736-1811, but not sure if still preferred.

Unofficial Evacuation Map

This link has a map showing evacuate areas. Please confirm all information with official authorities.

Holy Fire on Calfire

NOT USEFUL: Note that the Holy Fire is not a CAL FIRE event, so while this is the page, it will just refer you to the InciWeb link (below).

Holy Fire on InciWeb including Holy Fire Map

USEFUL: The InciWeb Holy Fire Incident Page has one the better interfaces and mapping systems, but has not been updated as much as with other fires. Not sure why.

There is a more updated but NOT official map on the Live Fire site (using sources such as this):

Holy Fire on Google Maps

NOT USEFUL: For the Carr and Mendocino fires, Google Maps has been excellent. As for right now, the Google Map for the Holy Fire is pretty much useless.

Holy Fire Social Media

Holy Fire Information on Twitter

USEFUL: As usual, some of the most up-to-date information is on Twitter, in this case under the unfortunate #HolyFire hash tag (see also the latest and  video feed). Related feeds:

Holy Fire Information on Facebook

USEFUL/ISH: This is a great summary page with good external links, that appears to be auto-updated. Not sure how frequently, but slightly out-of-date. Primarily useful for checking in if safe.

Holy Fire Audio / Video

Holy Fire Webcams

Only the HPWREN link really shows anything.

  • USEFUL: See the HPWREN link, below.
  •  NOT: The Lake Elsinore city webcam is here, but not a good angle.
  • NOT: Weatherbug has several cams, but it’s hard to find a good angle.

Holy Fire Information on YouTube

USEFUL/ ISH: Some of the videos are under #HolyFire.

HPWREN Camera on Santiago Peak

USEFUL: The twitter link is here. The live video feed is here.

And the camera snapshots from UCSD’s system are here.

HPRWN Holy Fire 1 sp-e-axis

Other Road and Map Information

Road Conditions from RivCo Trans inc. Closures

A link suggested by Paul Doherty for road closures in the area:

Comment on Maps

Just an example of how out-of-date the online maps are for this fire. Here’s the neighborhood of McVicker Canyon (I think that’s the name) on Google Earth, just for reference:

And here’s where the fire is shown on InciWeb as of 8/9 7:25pm, where the fire is that yellow wall to the left (and not near the community yet):

McVicker Canyon InciWeb

But here’s the reality as of hours before this map capture:

So, as you can see, the maps are nice, but you can’t plan based on them. The maps clearly states that it’s not been updated recently, but I would think that during wildfires like this, some effort would be made — unless all of that goes into real evacuations and such. So…maybe just something for future improvement.

For Ultra-Runners

The Chimera and related Old Goat races that stage in the area may be updated / changed. Not exactly an emergency, but FYI here.  All registration is on hold.


I’m sure there’s a lot more, so let me know if you find good resources to post.

Peace and good luck!

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