Mt. Woodson Loop x1 2:50 – Jun 30, 2018

In the process of trying to figure out if I can actually train for the Barkley Fall Classic (BFC), I’m taking an especially slovenly, slothful and lethargic approach to training. There may be other issues. That said, I’d like to do a series of 50Ks or the equivalent for 4-5 of the pre-taper weekends prior to the Sept. 15th event. This is not rational, but it may be entertaining.

Anyhoo, today was just a get-off-my-ass attempt on Woodson. We did a jaunt up Mt. Ontario near Baldy last weekend, and I was already feeling like my training is off (Non-existent? Virtual?). Whatever. Today, did the out-and-back from Lake Poway to Ramona and back, which is just about exactly 10.5 miles and 3.2K in elevation gain and loss — making it an ideal 1/3 of a hilly 50K course. I’ve done it 3x in a day in under ten hours and I’d like to do that again before BFC, but today was not that day.

Did the lap in 2:50:14, according to Gaia with 0.00 rest time, which is not a great time but is not terrible considering I couldn’t really run on my Achilles. Also bonked a bit on the 2nd summit. Also, it was hot, for me, which is to say, it was not freezing.


  • Lake to Summit: 1:08 – Felt a bit breathy 😉
  • Summit to Ramona: 1:30 (0:22) – Mellow pace
  • Ramona to Summit: 1:52 (0:32) – My PB is 0:22 or something
  • Summit to Lake: 2:50 (0:58) – Slow damn jog

Random thoughts:

  • Lost net 6 lbs after consuming 10 lbs of water and coffee pre/post/during, which means 16 lbs of gross water loss in 3 hours, or basically my usual 5 lbs per hour during moderately hot temps and exertion levels. I don’t think I can do anything about this. Just have to stick with shorter and/or cooler races once I get back into it. My sweat rate is not sustainable or safe on hotter / longer races.
  • Achilles not bad, but I did notice it. Back to the eccentric heal drop routine.
  • Not sure on bonk. General lack of training / sleep / diet? Too many factors. I am excellent at bonking under almost any conditions, and it’s neither surprising nor interesting. Just is. BONK!
  • Still can’t figure out how I did three laps of this route in 2012 in under 10 hours without freaking running. Even at a slow jog on the downhills and moderate uphill pace, 3 hrs is about right per loop. It remains a mystery, and probably always will. Spooky fast.

It’s a bit hard to figure out, but I think if I can do 3x this loop in 9:30, I can do BFC in 10:30 or so. No idea. Guessing. Sounds good, right?



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