Mt. Russell from Whitney Portal – Jul 29, 2016

Great day. Hiked to Russell via the east ridge, which was nicely vertiginous.  Our plan was to continue from there up Whitney, but Huy was getting serious AMS and rain clouds were forming over Whitney.  So we bailed down one of the south chutes and then dropped into some heinous screen nonsense and back down toward the Mountaineer’s Route.

On the way, just as it started to rain, Huy vanished into the bushes for no reason, so we decided to wait for him in the rockfall below. Then it rained like hell and we hid under a giant rock. And screamed for Huy. Then I went out in the rain and hail and hunted for him. Then he appeared from the bushes as if by magic, having fallen in a hole or something, and we ran back down to the portal.

No, it didn’t make sense at the time either.

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