Mt. Baldy via Ski Hut Trail – Feb 7, 2015

I did this yesterday with Andre again. He claims he was slow due to low hemoglobin or the alignment of the planets or the local gravity, but it was not evident to me. Good hike followed by good beers and then a chilly ride down the lift. Brr.

On the way we got back to the car, we helped push a white van full of very friendly older Asian couples off the side of the road. We asked them to unload the passengers to make the load lighter, and nearly 20 people got out. Van seemed much easier to move after that.

As far as trail conditions, the trail up was fine until after the rock crossing above the ski hut, and then there were periodic patches of slick snow all the way to the top. Would have been very icy in the morning. Trekking spikes and poles highly recommended. Path down Devil’s had far less snow coverage after the very top section.

Seventy-five back in San Diego. This is winter, right?

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