Boucher via Nate Harrison – Jan 17, 2015 / 4:15h

Ran this again today with Kam. Thought I was faster on the way up, but I don’t think 2:29 qualifies as much faster than 2:30. Ran the full R/T, though, for a personal 1st — 19 miles is the longest I’ve ever run. It was a wee bit painful, but a good feeling to have done it.

A wee bit painful; when I finished I looked and felt like I’d been raped by Orcas, keelhauled in pickling brine, rolled in salt and dumped in a dungeon to fester and die. Kam looked like she’d just gotten back from a manny-petty with Richard Simmons and Tinkerbelle. But this means I get ice cream, so it all works out.

On a more technical note, food consumed included 3.5 Gus, 80% of Pro gel pack, 1 fig bar, 3 Gin-Gins, Perpetuum in water and some electrolytes. Total water consumed was about 2.25 liters; not nearly enough. Finished feeling sub-optimal, so probably needed more water, but not sure stomach would have taken more food. Kam ate nothing. Literally nothing. This is totally going to blow her cover as an alien who can’t consume human food.

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