Iron Mountain / Ellie Lane Trail – Aug 23, 2014

Ran this again on Saturday via Ellie Lane Trail (Iron to Ellie to peak and back). According to All Tracks, perhaps the least accurate app in the world (sorry guys, but damn), it was 11.94 miles. According to my Garmin, R/T time was 2:49, which is about 4 minutes slower than the last time I did it in 2014.

Started off feeling great, legs not as heavy as usual, but had only brought 1 Gu and 2 Gin Gins along with water and electrolytes. Splits seemed fine to the top of Iron, then the lack of food really started to hit me, so the usual post-2 hour energy crash was not helped by the lack of food.

To improve this, obviously need to put in more miles and work on both lactate threshold and peak aerobic capacity. On a good note, Achilles was fine and I didn’t die, so all good :).

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