Leatherneck Ridge I – Jan 11, 2014

Great hike today with H. Took us around 6:20 from the parking lot to the top of the ridgeline, after I wasted a half our trying to find my sunglasses.

Really beautiful hike. Much harder and more scenic than, say, Skyline Trail, in no small part b/c there is no trail at all and no parade of hikers heading up and down. Amazing views of Chino Canyon and the tramway most of the way up, and great views to the north once higher up.

Hit my head really hard on a rock.  Important note about this hike; it’s very steep, and you tend to spend a lot of time looking at your feet. Look up  now and then, or you’ll get a lock or rocks and branches embedded in your noggin. I have a nice scab on my head from the first one. Saw mountain lion tracks. Nice. And deer.  Related?  Nahh.  The perspective on this hike is very, very misleading. The last ridgeline takes forever, but the views are fantastic. Especially looking way, way down.

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