Cactus to Clouds (C2C) – Apr 28, 2013

Done! Andre, Ben, Tony and I showed SJ who’s boss.  Namely Andre, but aside from that, it was a great climb. We did Cactus to Tram in less 4.5 hours, cutting a full hour of my prior best time, and go to the top in 6:40 (Andre in 6:35).  Great day.  Great crew.

Some of the usual stomach issues, but no biggie until the way down. Time for a nap!  Think I’ll avoid Nuun electrolytes next time and see if that helps.

At the peak, we ran into two PCT through-hikers, and Andre asked them where they were from.  One said, Texas, and for some reason I can’t place, I knew he was from Lubbock.  Accent?  Bearing?  No idea.  So I said, “I though you were from Lubbock” and he looked totally stunned.  He was from Lubbock.  I think he thought I was warlock or something.  Ha.

Andre ran all the way down to the tram.  Awesome.  The rest of us jog-walked.  Less awesome, but easier on the knees 😉

At the tram, I mentioned that I wanted to do C2C2C someday but it never worked out.  Andre said, “I’ll do it,” and I laughed.  Of course he would.  But no way was I hiking back down with my stomach all messed up.  Turns out, it would have been a terrible, awful, possibly lethal decision — it was 105 in Palm Springs.  No fun hiking down into a furnace. C2C2C will have to wait for cooler weather.

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