Ellie Lane Hike – Mar 30, 2013

One of my bucket list items for the year is to be able to run Iron Mountain R/T without stopping, even if it’s not exactly a blazing time. So, I figured I’d start out this morning trying to run various parts of Ellie Lane and see how it went.

To be perfectly candid, I’ve never really run up anything; I’ve run parts of trails up and down, but never really up anything more than Torrey Pines or any long distances.  The odd thing is, I’ve done day-hikes exceeding 40 miles, but never really been that big a runner.  So for whatever reason running 6 miles R/T on the regular Iron Mountain trail seems more intimidating than R2R2R in the Grand Canyon.

Anyhoo, I started off running slowly from just after the parking lot and managed to run, slowly (and I do mean slowly) all the way up to Table Rock without stopping.  Surprising, and awesome.  My heart might have tried to pull the rip chord at one point, but I shoved it back in and all was good.  My heart rate peaked on the way up here in the mid 170s.  I kept running down into the valley and started the next uphill without stopping.

Until the stone stairs on the climb.  Then I stopped running.  After that, I walked about 1/3 of the way up, and then ran the remaining third and down all the way over to Iron Mountain and up the first several traverses.  Then that was about it for the run up.  I walked the rest of the way up, then ran all the way back down to the Iron Mountain parking lot (where my heart rate was about the same as running up EL, so I may have been a bit dehydrated) and walked down the 67 back to Ellie Lane.  I think this adds up to about 9 miles, but not really sure, in about 1:45.

So, taking this as my baseline, I figure I ran up a bit less than half of the total vertical, and down all of it.  If I can connect the second climb (on EL) without stopping, that’s probably a good next goal.  Need to do some research on target hear rates and such.  But all in all, it was a good first try at the running part. Plus I got to eat Pho afterward.  Yum.

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