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Ice Cream Tasting Party – Jan 31, 2013

Okay, it sounds crazy, but it turns out you can have a blast having friends over and tasting some new ice cream flavors. A little wine and ouzo doesn’t hurt either.

The goal here was to introduce friends to new and fun flavors and brands, work on the site (you know, this Ice Cream Positive thing), and generally get our ice cream on.

Brands and flavors were chosen somewhat randomly, offering both breadth and a bit of depth in two brands — Talenti and Graeter’s.

Surprises? Straus Dutch Chocolate came out as a surprising favorite. Talenti Belgian Chocolate didn’t show very well at all. But overall — great flavors all around.

Here are the flavors we tried, in order:

Straus Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream
According to Straus, “Real Dutch Cocoa makes this organic chocolate ice cream taste deep, rich and chocolaty. Lusciously rich, this organic ice cream is a chocolate lover’s delight. Dutch Cocoa is paired with only five simple, certified organic ingredients: Cream, milk, sugar, egg yolks and vanilla extract. No gums, fillers or artificial colorings get in the way of the rich, chocolate flavor.”

Three Twins Mint Confetti Ice Cream
Three Twins calls this “A celebration of chocolate flecks in mint ice cream,” and it’s a perfect description for this rich, minty flavor.

Sorano Double Dutch Chocolate Gelato
According to Sorano, “Because sometimes you don’t want chocolate, you want double chocolate. This is rich, real milk chocolate speckled with dark chocolate flecks. Go ahead, chocolate’s good for you.”

Graeter’s Vanilla Ice Cream
According to Graeter’s, “We make only the finest. A proprietary blend of vanilla beans, freshly ground with sugar and blended into our creamy egg custard basedice cream. We use the whole bean, look for the specks!”

Graeter’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
According to Graeter’s, “Mint and Chocolate, a marriage of flavors made in heaven. Triple Distilled Peppermint Oil and our signature chips come together in this famously popular classic.”

Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
According to Graeter’s, “This is our Signature Flavor and All-Time Best Seller, an absolute ‘must-try’ for anyone new to Graeter’s. We hand select triple-washed black raspberries from Oregon’s premier grower.”

Talenti Mediterranean Mint Gelato
According to Talenti, “Fresh mint is blended with flecks of bittersweet chocolate, yielding and exotically smooth and refreshing finish.”

Talenti Belgian Milk Chocolate Gelato
According to Talenti, “The gourmet standard against which other chocolates are measured, Talenti’s imported Belgian milk chocolate is melted by hand and then blended slowly to create a perfect smooth indulgence.”

Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato
According to Talenti, “A rich, golden Argentine caramel base is brought to life with Fleur De Sel sea salt, the ‘Caviar of Salt’…” This video from Talenti goes into more detail about this sea salt caramel gelato.

Ciao Bella Lemon Zest Sorbet
According to Ciao Bella, “… overflowing with genlty sweetened Sicilian lemons …”

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