Day Hike to Gulkana Glacier — Sep 2, 2012

On our flight across the state avoiding rainstorms and winds and whatnot, Mom and I drove south along the Richardson Hwy from Delta Junction to Glenallen. Along this portion of the drive, we took two day hikes. This was the second of them, in the afternoon, which I did alone as Mom took some time out for photography.

We came upon the glacier entirely accidentally, but the Gulkana was such a clearly accessible glacier without the usual miles of lumpy terminal moraine and rock-ice hills, it was irresistible. The round trip from parking midway along the access road to the glacier, up on it a bit, then back, was just over 3 hours. The access trail is incredibly civilized and well-marked for Alaska. Which doesn’t make the Glacier or its massive lateral moraine any less impressive.

We did the same hike together (starting further up the road and going higher on the glacier) the next day (covered separately).

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