Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa – Dec 25, 2011

After waking up rather late, eating late, and generally running late, Mom and I took a quick hike from Grandview Trailhead down to Horseshoe Mesa starting just past noon. After the snowy bits, I took off ahead and soon passed a couple and older man who appeared surprised and/or perplexed to see me go by. Thinking nothing of it, I plunged onward and soon reached a nice radiation / danger / freak out if you like your genetic material sign. A few seconds later, I came across another such sign right next to a faded marker for the trail to Page Springs. Coincidence or delicious glowing water? Hmm. Onward!

A while later, I reached the mesa and took off toward the northern point where the trail drops off to the Tonto, to see if I could see the river. I got there soon enough, boulder a bit out to the point. After a quick lunch, I headed back and ran into mom as she came onto the Mesa. Hi, Mom! We rested for a bit and then took off up the trail. Turns out, she’s had to talk to the group coming down (the one I’d run past) because the woman was apparently freaking out (scared / tired / etc.). Mom managed to talk her down, and we passed her on the way back up — looking relatively happy.

I’m always amazed how my mom can burn up the trails. She’s not speedy, but she keeps on going, almost relentless. Impressive stuff. In no time we were back at the car and ready for a warm dinner — the temperature had dropped fast, and we finished in the dark.

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