Day Hike up the Unfinished Savage Alpine Trail — Sep 1, 2012

In what was to be a week or running from the rain, I took a quick hike from the Savage River Campground up the Primrose Ridge starting on the unfinished Savage Alpine Trail.  The rain rolled in within a few hours, however, and I turned around after taking a food break on the top of the first small summit.  Fun trip down in some heavy rain, but it would have been a nasty climb the rest of the way to to the top of the ridgeline and Mt. Margaret.  Mom came back early to pick me up — impeccably timing — and off we went to find a slightly dryer part of Alaska.

This is a beautiful, and unusual trail for Denali — if only because there are few actual trails in the park itself.  Most are near the entrance or Wonder Lake, and are more rambles than hikes.  This, like the trail up Mount Healy, offers one of the few established trails rising up into the lower peaks of the park, and the views it will offer when done are stunning.  Enjoy.

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