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Various Hikes & Whining – Q2 2019

When life gives you lemons...

My usual collection of random run / hike / ski stuff. Also some mountain biking. Mostly the battle against the dying of the light, physically speaking.

Black Star Trail to Some Peak (MB) – Apr 20

Same ride as last week. I’m not younger yet. Did spend 45 min helping three hapless chaps fix a tire when they had no pump or spare. I gave them a spare and they eventually got moving. Killed my momentum, so gave up on ambition to climb next higher peak or traverse ridgeline. Next time…

Black Star Trail to Some Peak (MB) – Apr 13

Remembered I had a mountain bike after a year, so rode it. Things hurt, but other than back / hip, felt ok. 17.5 miles? Sure. Fast? No. But really enjoyed it, and took the load off my injured footsy.  Saw some strong runners out there, some of which probably beat my RT time to the peak which is…awesome. Inspirational? I will be younger tomorrow!

Santiago Truck Trail (6.5m) – Apr 7

Turns out this is a cool single-track for the first few miles. Less cool are the billions of mountain bikers. Still a good run, even if I jacked up my foot somehow. Ahh, middle age.

Harding Truck Trail (6m) – Apr 6

Did an easy 6 miles from Modjeska canyon parking area. Body okay, but still being careful after dental surgery yesterday. Feeling lots of aches and pains, but hopefully all minor. Need to stretch, as always.

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