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Various Hikes & Whining – Q1 2019

Mules on the South Kaibab

Random notes on random hikes and such. Cover photo is from 12/31/18 in the Grand Canyon, but whatever.

Bear Flat Trail Toward Baldy – Jan 12

Started in rain, finished in snow when feet got cold (wet feet). Gorgeous day. about 4:20 hiking R/T from wherever I turned around.

Skyline Trail up San Jacinto – Jan 6 (5:05)

Knowing I was out of shape, I signed up for some humiliation with Huy on Skyline. Our best time on this trail together is 3:53 (also my PB). His best is about 3:39 or something. Today, was hoping for under six and we made 5:05, which was pretty cool. Gorgeous, cool weather with very light snow at the end. Kahtoolas from the Traverse on. Just ate cookies, so stomach was good, but hungry at end. Still need to work on food. And fitness. And weight. Hurray, 2019!


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