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Various Hikes & Whining – Sep 2018

Burn from Tahquitz Lookout

Random thoughts on little outdoor things

Iron Mountain Standard 9/22 with Kam

Meh. Knee stuff hurts. Waaahhhh….

Early Maxwell Walk 9/11

Sad and gimpy five miles. Boo. But pretty.

Tahquitz Peak via Devil’s Slide – 9/10

Jogged up more than half to test lungs / body, and was mostly okay, but really felt knee / tendon thing on slow jog down ;(. Time to take a step back and rehab. Crazy burn (Cranston Fire) pictures from the top here. Kam’s booty hurting again, so good she can take time off.

Iron Mountain Standard – 9/6 (1:22)

Another “what’s up with my body” run / hike. Slow jog up, topping out at 0:46 which¬† not bad considering (hot, carb-depleted, injured, etc.). But legs and energy were gone on the way down, explaining 1:22 R/T (0:36 down, which is terrible). Overall, body was okay. Honestly, slow descent time sucked.

Mt. Woodson from Poway – 9/5 (1:56)

Just checking things out. Low 80s. No poles / food / water / salt & carb-depleted, various minor injuries limiting downhill run. So at slowest possible downhill pace (jogging and trying midfoot strikes), 1:08 to the top and 1:56 (0:48) R/T. Felt tired and near-bonk close to top, and heartrate was 176+ at a few points (nice!) so clearly food would be a good idea. Dropped more than eight lbs as per usual. Really enjoying the lower impact of midfoot running; also seems better on the body impact-wise.

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