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Iron and Woodson – Jul 2 and 4, 2018

Still trying to figure out if the Barkley Fall Classic in September is possible. So, some random notes on recent “training”…

Woodson Jog – July 4

Just needed to get out of the house. Not planned. R/T from Lake Poway in 1:45 (1:05 to top). Still stunned that FKT for this is under an hour, but heh, people be fast. It was 85+ and I finished feeling pretty overheated. Took no water or food. Would have needed ice to matter.

Penasquitos Mountainbike – July 3

Did that. Also got spiffy new tires. Weird not slipping all over the place.

Iron Mountain Jog – July 2

Hot little run, mid eighties. Round trip with little or no uphill running and 4-5 min chilling in 1:14 for 5.6m+ (0:45 to top inc. 4 min stall). It’s not a great time, but gives a good baseline for training. If I can take off 10 min off the ascent (to 35 min) and 5 min off the decent (to 0:29 to 0:24), then sub-one-hour possible. Probably need to hit that easily to do BFC well.


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