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Mt. Woodson via Lake Poway – July 15, 2017

With my Achilles taking itself too seriously, we’re out of the mountains for a few weeks.  So we took a hike up Mt. Woodson from Lake Poway with the perennial herds of Potato Chip Rock enthusiasts. It was actually very pleasant not having to run the whole way and just enjoying the day, but hiking sure is slower than running.

What strikes me lately on these busy trails is both the general courtesy of most people combined with the complete cluelessness of some; the litter, the loud music, the synchronized flatulence and general lack of trail etiquette. There should be an outdoor behavior training course for humans…

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  1. Kam

    I agree on the outdoor behavior training course! I love the fact that people are getting outside and enjoying the outdoors. Love it. However, I do wish they were more aware of their surroundings and respect the area enough to pick up after themselves. When I go hiking and come back with a bag of trash that are not mine, we have a problem. All I ask is that we all use some common sense when on the trail and that we bring out what we take in. Is that too much to ask?

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